Adopting a kitten

Adopting a kitten

Here are some things you need to pay attention to when adopting a kitten.

Adoption fee

Costs can vary depending on what kind of kitten you’re getting. You could spend over a thousand dollars on a pedigree cat. If you are adopting from your local shelter you will need to pay an adoption fee, which usually covers the initial veterinary costs that were associated with your new kitten. And don’t forget to budget for food, litter, a litter box, a cozy bed, scratching posts, toys and a yearly checkup at the vet to ensure your feline friend is staying healthy.

What needs to happen before you take them home?

Obviously, you have to meet the kitten and play for a while to see if their character meets your expectations. Most shelters will allow you to play in a closed room with the little one. Make sure you don’t come across as threatening by standing over them or staring at them. Simply sit down and allow them to approach you. If you’re not able to have some one-on-one time, you can also simply meet your kitten through the cage they’re in: cats like small, safe places and they will be in their comfort zone this way. If you’re adopting a kitten from a cattery or from friends, you’ll have plenty of time to introduce yourself to the little furball.

Cat carrier

If you’re going to pick up your kitten, you’ll need something to carry it in. While you might think it’s cute to carry your new best friend home in your arms, it’s not the safest way to travel and neither is a cardboard box. You would be surprised how quickly a kitten can escape and become lost. Bring a small, sturdy carrier with a cozy blanket to ensure a safe and comfortable trip home!

Care package

When a kitten leaves their previous home, whether it’s at the shelter, at a cattery or at an individual’s home, they often get a ‘care package’. This usually consists of something to help them adjust to their new home, such as a toy or blanket with their smell. Sometimes some food is also given, or the medication that the kitten might need at that time.

Don’t forget the vet

You’ll also have to take your kitten to the vet, preferably before you bring them home. Make sure to ask the previous caretakers about the veterinary care the kitten has already received. And remember that even kittens can carry infectious diseases! Therefore, it would be best to keep your new kitten separated from any other cats until after the first vet visit.